Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Coaching for NEET 2025

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Check if your internet connection is working properly (test with a Youtube video).Rejoin to our live class with link provided to you. If the video doesn’t play even after taking all these measures, please write to us at [email protected] We’ll get in touch with you

Yes, if you have enrolled for our courses

You can always submit a feedback after every live session. Usually we replace or retake live lecture with rating below 3.5 depending upon availability of faculties.

Queries Related to PrepMed

A lot of research and formulation has made before the development of PrepMed, which enabled our team to create an approach best befitting for the latest NEET UG pattern. Other coaching institutes do not adapt over traditional teaching approach quickly. As PrepMed is not limited to a single city, we can afford to bring the best teachers from all over India on a single platform. We also have the digital advantage, which lets us provide you with a personalized mentorship and improvement plans at affordable price for all. We update the Assignments and Test series after all major exams like NEET UG AIIMS, Other all India exams etc to include the latest questions and trends. Reading books and solving MCQs in homely environment is not sufficient. Solving MCQs in a real NEET UG environment is important to get accustomed with the exam. We not only define success but also promise to hold your hand till your target. Reach out to us for Medical Coaching for NEET 2025.

If you have afforded regular offline classes of Top 3 Institute in India and attended every class with ease, you should consider PrepMed Test series But if you are unable to afford huge expense of Top 3 institute or your institute is regional only then you should opt PrepMed live class along with test series and personal mentorship.

PrepMed is entirely focused on grooming MBBS aspirants with all latest updates and patterns related to NEET UG.

Join live classes with attention. Watch and re-watch to clear your concepts. Solve every single high-yielding assignment with appropriate understanding. In case of facing any difficulty in solving, you can reach our team at [email protected]. Attempt all grand test and part test religiously .

Yes, PrepMed is sufficient to secure a good rank in NEET UG. Our content team has put a tremendous effort in Selecting the most important topics .

PrepMed master plan is a set of customized advices for different categories of students with different level and duration of preparations .

Subscriptions, Refer and Discount

You will get full access to all live lectures, assignments, soft copy of study material part tests and grand tests .

Well, it depends on how you look at it. PrepMedIndia is the effort of India’s top-class faculties, previous NEET UG top rank holders, a dedicated team of engineers and web designers, video production team & support team. On the other hand, we do not have headache like auditorium and logistics and we are not limited to a city. The digital advantage helps us offer the Tests + MCQs + Live class for 1/10th of the traditional coaching center prices at a better quality.

You can refer your friends, you can join with a group of students or you can use promo appropriate promo code provided by PrepMed support team.

Assignment and Test Series

More than 70% questions are dissimilar from assignment 30% would overlap concepts .

25 Part tests and 5 grand tests are prepared for you .

There will never be a time or day when you will be completely ready for a Grand Test. Hence, do not wait for the right moment. All Grand tests need to be taken irrespective of your stage or level of preparation .

You should be making steady progress with each test, in your score as well as rank. If not, it is time to revisit your preparation and strategy. The ranks will give a clear indication of where you stand .

We do not provide any printed material due to piracy issues. Assignments are provided in digital live class in soft copy and all tests are available in the our website , and you can access it anytime.

PrepMed master plan is a set of customized advices for different categories of students with different level and duration of preparations .

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