Tips For Kolkata Medical Entrance Exam Preparation


Hello everyone,

I am Dr. Debajyoti Kar ranked 60 (Gen) at my time. I am working as a mentor for guiding medical aspirants for the last 8 years. Here, I am to answer one of the most frequently asked questions of the students. ” what are the things to avoid ONE OR TWO month before NEET-UG?” or “What are the 5 Most Common Mistakes Students Do Before NEET-UG? “

Simply speaking, this is the most important phase when you people are very close to your dream. Patience?strategies ?focus?concentration ? Being a ranker and mentor I clearly suggest, you must not do 5 things in last month to nail your target.
Let me tell you one by one.



First & the commonest mistake is our overthinking.

Mainly on-“what  would be my result?”Trust me, even I was anxious, at my time, for a couple of days. I was in need of a quick way-out. And finally, very soon I realized that all serious competitors are facing the same problem day and night. To my surprise, from that moment, the game started changing. Next time, whenever thoughts began running inside me, I simply murmured,” why am I not taking advantage of other’s anxiety?” or in other words ”why am allowing my next ranker to shift before mine?”



The second mistake is to doubt our own strategies for Kolkata Medical Entrance Exam Preparation. Always remember, In the world of the competitive exam you are your own mentor.No one knows you better than you know. Just think, my dear, that you have traveled a long journey throughout one year with a lot of MCQs, advice, tests, and results. So, everyone should have his or her self-customized strategies.



The third mistake is altering our normal time-schedule of daily activities Almost 60% of students plan to sleep at late-night and wake up at unusual times. This altered sleep cycle will definitely harm your health and power of the mind, just before the final ring of NEET. Remember, you have to wake up early morning on the day of the exam and you have to put strength to your brain to process your knowledge in solving questions. So, the last few days are meant to be rehearsals of the’ D day ‘in terms of sleeping and eating healthy food. I would also recommend solving MCQs daily in the morning to train and habituate your brain with the same purpose of clearing Kolkata Medical Entrance Exam Preparation.


The fourth mistake is the imbalance between subjects, MCQs and reading texts. Few keep solving random questions without proper understanding, few sticks with reading NCERT whole day. So, you have to allot time for all three subjects considering your level of preparation. You should also keep practicing MCQs along with revising theories of respective subjects on a daily basis. Trust me, this balance makes a big difference amongst students of even with similar preparation.



People who lose the battle before attending it do this 5th mistake. With increasing experiences of teaching I found, few students, especially those who are attempting for second and third time felt exhausted just before the door of the exam. Many of them had probabilities of securing a seat in a good medical college but they didn’t. Because, somehow, they forgot why they had started their journey at the beginning of the year or in other terms, why they dropped a year more.

So after discussing all these 5 most commonly encountered mistakes, my take-home message for you is,if you fit into any of those 5 categories please rectify yourself right now. Yes right now. As we are always on time if we are working hard.
The medical fraternity is eagerly waiting to welcome you .Give your best fight to win.
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Good Luck champions.
– Dr. Debajyoti Kar , MBBS , Medical College Kolkata
  DNB PGT , RadioDiagnosis
  Mentor for NEET-UG for last 8 years