Is Syllabus Reduced For The NEET 2024 Examination?

Syllabus Reduced For The NEET 2024 Examination

Is the NEET syllabus getting reduced? Many NEET aspirants are thinking that things are getting simpler for them for the upcoming NEET 2024 examination. This buzz started when a PDF started making the rounds on social media which claims that NTA has issued a notice stating NEET syllabus 2024 reduced to 79 chapters from 97. 


All the candidates who have braced themselves for NEET 2024-2026 exam preparation must be wondering about what the update actually is. Let us tell you that NMC (National Medical Council) has also confirmed that the pdf is legit. 


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In this blog, we will delve into the reduced syllabus for the NEET 2024 examination. 


Revised Syllabus For the NEET 2024 Examination


Revised Syllabus For the NEET 2024 Examination


The syllabus for the NEET 2024 has been reduced with some minor adjustments as per the viral pdf. The NMC has implemented some changes and you can find the final pdf issued by it on October 6th here


We emphasize the importance of relying on the information available on the official website only. We request students to only rely on the pdf available on the NMC’s website. PrepMed can help you in the NEET 2026 exam preparation. Let’s get into the depth of the updated syllabus subject-wise below. 


Updated Biology Syllabus For NEET 2024


Students need to take a dig into the entire syllabus of Biology mentioned in the pdf. Some topics are removed from the NEET 2024 Biology syllabus. Familiarizing yourself with the updated syllabus will help students cover all the topics properly without missing any. You also need the guidance of NEET experts equally and PrepMed is the right place for the same. 


Here is a list of all the deleted topics from the NEET UG Biology Syllabus 2024.


  • Angiosperm
  • Taxonomic Aid
  • Secondary Growth
  • Mineral Nutrition 
  • Transport in Plants except Phloem and Xylem
  • Vernalization and Seed Dormancy  
  • Sense Organs  
  • Reproduction in Organisms 
  • Digestion and Absorption 
  • Succession
  • Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production 
  • Environmental Issues 


Let’s now have a look at newly Added Topics For the NEET UG Biology Syllabus 2024.


  • Insect (Frog)
  • Family (Malvaceae, Leguminoceae, Cruciferae, Compositae, Gramineae)


Updated Physics Syllabus For NEET 2024


Please note that when it comes to physics, no entire chapter has been removed entirely from the NEET 2024 syllabus. Here is the list of topics removed.


  • Reynold’s Number
  • Rolling Motion
  • Heat Engine & Refrigerator
  • Forced and Damped Oscillation
  • Doppler Effect
  • Potentiometer
  • Van de Graaff Generator
  • Davison-Germer Experiment
  • Colour Coding of Resistors
  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma Decay
  • Cyclotron
  • Transistor


Moving forward to the topics incorporated in the NEET UG Physics 2024 syllabus.


Significant figures, errors in measurements

Logic Gates

Relative Velocity

Parallel and perpendicular theorems

Conservation of Mechanical Energy


Updated Chemistry Syllabus For NEET 2024


NEET 2024 Chemistry syllabus has also seen some changes. Let us first talk about the newly incorporated topic. 


  • P-Block Elements: This particular topic was removed from the NCERT book but it has now been added to the updated NEET UG Chemistry 2024 syllabus.


  • Experimental-based Chemistry: Experimental-based topics have also been added to Chemistry, which also includes the detection of functional groups such as hydroxyl and carbonyl. Besides, inorganic compounds such as Mohr’s salt and potash alum have also been incorporated.


Let’s now cover the topics that have been removed from the NEET UG 2024 Chemistry syllabus.


  • States of Matter (Class 11 Physical Chemistry)
  • S-block (Class 11 Inorganic Chemistry)
  • Hydrogen (Class 11 Inorganic Chemistry)
  • Environmental Chemistry (Class 11 Organic Chemistry)
  • Solid State (Class 12 Physical Chemistry)
  • Surface Chemistry (Class 12 Physical Chemistry)
  • Polymer Chemistry in Everyday Life (Class 12 Organic Chemistry)
  • Metallurgy (Class 12 Inorganic Chemistry)


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