Preparing for NEET 2024? Here Are Some Tips You Should Know

Preparing for NEET 2024

Dreaming of becoming a doctor?


If the answer is yes, you already know about NEET – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. Who knows, maybe you’ve already started your preparation for NEET 2024.


And if this is true, you must be worried about your NEET 2024 exam preparation. There is no denying that this medical exam needs a lot of effort.


With that being said,  you need to prepare efficiently and strategically to score well in NEET.


But before you move forward with your NEET preparation, you need to make sure that you have a proper understanding of your entire syllabus.


Each year, lakhs of candidates apply, making this challenging to pass the test without proper preparation. A study plan is crucial since it guarantees that you are ready for the test. You may be sure that you are prepared to take on the NEET Exam challenge if you cover all the relevant topics.


Hence, in this blog, we will share some of the most important tips to help you with your  NEET 2024 exam preparation!


How to Prepare Strategically for NEET 2024?


Strategically for NEET 2024


Understand the Patterns


Check your syllabus to get a detailed understanding of the exam. We suggest preparing a list of topics depending upon their weightage. This will help you complete topics in order that will increase the chances of securing higher scores in the exam. NEET UG syllabus has 180 questions in total in which 90 questions belong to Biology and Chemistry and Physics have 45 questions each. Each question is of 4 marks and note that 1 mark is deducted for each incorrect answer. So, be careful while answering. 


Prepare a Plan


We have often seen that students prepare a study plan but fail to execute the same. You need to be determined to follow a study plan without any excuse. Every student has different productive hours in which they can study most efficiently. We recommend studying at least 12 hours a day to prepare in the best manner for NEET 2024. After all, scoring 650+ will definitely require you to give up on some fun and focus on studying for some time.


Make Notes


Having proper notes covering all the crucial topics plays an important role in your NEET exam preparation. Please remember that finding the right educational institution is also equally important to help you with the best NEET 2024 courses in Kolkata.


Use sticky notes and colorful pens for marking important topics. This way, you will be able to memorize things faster. Don’t forget NCERT while making notes. You can also take references from multiple books to gain in-depth knowledge. 


Practice Questions


No matter how much you study, solving questions will let you know where you stand at that particular point in time. Solve as many questions as possible for all three subjects. This will help you understand the weak points on which you need to work on. Also, don’t forget to solve past question papers


Every time you practice questions, set a timer to check how much time you take to solve each question. You need to manage your time extremely efficiently to clear NEET with good scores. Having a clear idea of how far you stand from your targeted score is essential to take a step forward toward your dream career. 


Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


Yes! It is extremely important for NEET aspirants to maintain a healthy lifestyle while they prepare for their medical entrance examination. Preparing for exams doesn’t mean you need to sleep less or stop caring about your food and overall diet. You need to have balanced diet and also ensure to stay hydrated to study with maximum productivity.


Sleep for at least 6-7 hours as sound sleep is essential to focus on studying and will help you stay fresh rather than being drowsy for the whole day due to lack of sleep. It is a common practice among students to sleep less for study but this eventually impacts your capacity to retain what you study.  


Avoid Distractions


It’s natural for students to feel detached from study as studying for 12 hours is definitely not an easy task. But do everything you can to avoid distractions during NEET 2024 exam preparation. We have often seen students using mobile phones while studying but this can have a significant impact on your career.


We aren’t asking NEET aspirants to close themselves in a room and just study until the day of the exam. However, you need to limit yourselves from wasting your time on things that can create difficulties in focusing just on studying. And attachment to books can keep you detached from distractions. 

UDZ 4755 min scaled



Just studying and learning won’t be enough for scoring excellently in the NEET examination. Revision holds great importance no matter which exam you are appearing in. Revise all the topics thoroughly.


Allocate revision time on the basis of the complexity of topics to make the optimum use of your time. You can also prepare a timetable for revising your NEET syllabus. Have two weeks for revision before attempting NEET mock tests. This will help you analyze your mistakes and allow you to ask your teacher all your doubts. 




Please note that it’s okay to use other study materials for NEET exam preparation. But, NCERT books hold utmost priority and you can’t choose other study materials over this. You first need to read NCERT books. For example, you will need to learn formulas by heart and understand their applications when it comes to physical chemistry. On the other hand, organic chemistry requires you to understand organic reaction mechanisms. 


So, starting with NCERT chemistry is important as it will help you in gaining a detailed understanding of electrophile and nucleophilic classification on the basis of power. We, at PrepMed, also provide exclusive study materials to make it more convenient for students.


There are some chapters in organic chemistry that need special attention like General organic compounds, hydrocarbon, aldehyde and ketone, nitro compounds, and carboxylic acid. Make sure to dedicate more time to understanding them. 


Become a doctor by the team of doctors!


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