10 Real Unfortunate Situations Faced by Students on the NEET Exam Day

10 Real Unfortunate Situations on the NEET Exam Day

Have you ever wondered a single incident could spoil your NEET exam?

And if you haven’t thought about it then do read this blog till the end.

Not being able to arrive at your NEET examination centre can be a nightmare for aspiring medical students. Numerous students do their best for their NEET UG exam preparation and enrol in the best NEET 2024-26 courses in Kolkata.

In this blog, we will be talking about 10 such situations that we don’t want to happen with you because these 10 situations already happened in the previous year with 10 different students.


Situation #10


Train Cancelled. Tyre of the Car Punctured.

It happened in Kolkata last year. A number of students were going to a particular centre by a particular train. And suddenly this train was cancelled. The announcement happened suddenly and because of this, all the students could not reach that centre.

Hence, last year their dream of becoming a doctor remained a dream.

So, we suggest that you find a place to stay close to your exam centre the day before your exam date.


Situation #9


student reached late



A student reached the exam centre 1 minute late.

However, the student was not allowed to sit for the exam, even though he was late by just a minute.

So, our suggestion is that you target your reporting time to reach the exam centre. Don’t take it like you’re aiming to reach there by the gate closing time.

Let’s say the gate closing time is 01.30 PM. But you will have to make sure that you reach within the reporting time.


Situation #8


A student’s admit card got wet from water.

Water somehow fell on the admit card of a student when she was travelling by car. The admit card and the water bottle were kept inside the same bag. She didn’t know when the water bottle was uncapped and the whole admit card became wet.

So, keep in mind that you keep two sets of admit cards. When you are going to the NEET exam centre, keep two sets of admit cards ready for your safety. You know how many photos and signatures you need on an admit card, so keep two sets of admit cards ready according to that.

And, you must also remember that you do not keep a water bottle near your admit card.


Situation #7


A student had taken an e-Aadhaar card to the exam centre.

As a result, the centre refused it and told him that he would not be allowed to take the exam with the e-Aadhaar card. After that, the student requested that he didn’t have another original photo as proof. Then the student had to wait for an hour. Later, his Aadhar number was cross-checked and then he was allowed to take the exam.

So, it is our suggestion that you keep the original as well as the hard copy of your ID Card such as Aadhaar card, voter card, driving license, passport, or your class 12 admit card (since it has your photo in it) when you go to the exam centre.


Situation #6


It’s a very sad story but it happened to someone last year.

A student started OMR bubbling.

After an hour the in-charge and invigilator came to the centre. They all told that everyone’s OMR was wrong.

Wondering why?

Because their OMR code (such as A, B, C, D, etc.) did not match the code of their booklet.

So, our suggestion for you is that when you get the OMR sheet and the question booklet, match them properly. Check whether their code is matching or not. The codes of these both have to be the same. If the code of your question booklet is ‘A’, the code of your OMR sheet should also be ‘A’.


Situation #5


NEET UG student had a little bit of exam fever


It is one of the incidents in which a student had a little bit of exam fever or you can say it is stress fever (we call it in medical science). For this reason, he had a slight temperature rise. When everyone’s body temperature was being checked with a Thermogun, the student’s body temperature was also being checked and his temperature was a little high.

For this reason, the guard who was checking the temperatures took him to another isolation room. And during this time the student had a little conversation and a little argument. For this reason, the student lost around 30-45 minutes from his total exam duration of 3 hours. Evidently, the student couldn’t write the paper properly.

So, our suggestion is to keep in mind that in such a situation you can do two things:

  • You can take medicines that we take at the time of fever, such as paracetamol 650 or similar tablets. You can take one of these tablets before going for the exam. It will give you two benefits. First, your temperature will not rise to the level of exam fever. Second, the headache that we sometimes have for excessive thinking, will not occur.
  • Even if the temperature rises, don’t argue with them. Go to the isolation room and take the exam.


Situation #4


fake student


It happened in a centre that just next to the student, another fake candidate was taking the exam. And all of a sudden, they felt that he was a false candidate. It caused a lot of chaos right there. It was becoming quite difficult for the original NEET candidate to take his exam.

This whole thing continued for an hour. And, the exam of the student definitely hampered a bit by this reason.

So, you can do two things to prevent this:

Request the invigilator politely if this can be solved outside.

And if it doesn’t happen in spite of that, you will have to accept this.


Situation #3


This one happened last year with a student. You should check the quality of the pen that you get from the exam centre for writing the exam. The student didn’t check it.

And for this reason, the pen broke after writing a little. In addition to that, the ink of the pen was not that good.

But, in spite of this, the centre didn’t give him any other pen and the student had to write the entire exam with that pen.

So, it is our suggestion that you check the quality of the pen when you are handed it over for the very first time. You can check the quality of the pen (whether it is good or not) by writing on your booklet.

And if it is not good, report it right then and request for another one. Because, once the pens are distributed, it may happen that you find out the pen is not in good condition. Just like it happened with the student last year.

We are not saying that the same situation will happen to you too. It may also happen that the centre is good and gives you a new pen.

But what we want to tell you is that you check your pen as soon as you get it from the centre.


Situation #2


The centre experienced a power outage after the exam had been going on for half an hour. Not to mention, all the students were feeling very hot.

And there was no backup power system in the centre. So, they had to give the entire exam in that way.

So, if your centre is like that where the ceiling fan is not working (due to a power cut or any other reason), it is our suggestion that you need to keep three things in mind:

First, you need to accept the fact that the ceiling fan will not work above you throughout the exam.

Second, you need to keep in mind that you can become dehydrated because you will sweat a lot. So, you need to take water with you, be it your own water bottle or ask the centre for some water to drink.

Third, remain calm and don’t make a fuss throughout the situation. There is no point in fighting or whining about the ceiling fan that is not working because you will only get three hours for the exam.


Situation #1


An attendance sheet will be there at your exam centre, and you have to sign it. Last year, a student made a mistake and signed where another student should have, not in his own place.

Both the invigilator and the student panicked about this. They lost half an hour of time because of this.

So, you need to keep one thing in mind: Priorly double-check whether you are signing your name in the right place or not.


Wrapping up


Crack PrepMed NEET UG


So, the 10 situations that we shared in this blog don’t mean all of these or any of this will happen to you. Nothing will happen. Don’t worry about that.

You just have to remain calm. Focused. And double check everything before you do anything to ensure whether you are doing the right thing or not.

And of course, you have to crack NEET.

So, share this blog so much that all the students who are preparing for NEET UG get to read it and thereby they can learn how to handle such a situation.

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